MDT Budget Slider Championship Series For Champions

The Championship series for all champions!

This will be a championship race series conducted over 15 races.

The series is open to all commercially available trikes that cost less than $100 or any combination of them. (ie, Huffy slider, crane, SS racer, airwalk, etc) This is as at today 16/4. No expensive trikes “on sale”

The only modifications allowed are aftermarket grips, brake pads, front tire (keep it cheap), and the position of the seat. (Tilting and moving it back by way of custom bracket is ok!)

Only rear wheels from these trikes or GM are allowed, NO BEARINGS!

The point scoring will be the lowest score at the end of the series wins! If you aren’t there for a race or DNF, you get 15 points! Each race will be announced with a minimum of 7 days notice on here.

The course will change for each race, and will usually include pedaling sections! First over the line with their trike wins! (yes you can pick it up and run with it)

The first race will be held on ANZAC day


The MDT Team